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Get creative with your framing! Do you have a blank wall? A gap where it seems something could be missing? Get inspired, do something different, be daring, think about unexpected items you could frame that would make great, interesting pieces for modern art framing. Ask us for ideas about art framing in Wollongong's store.


At Dekker Custom Picture Framing we provide expert framing services in Wollongong for your every framing need. In our time we have framed wonderful, valuable, creative, interesting, exciting, beautiful, and some very strange objects!

With custom framing we can create a frame perfect for your needs and specifications.

You can trust our expert framers with the delicate framing and reframing of valuable artworks, antique tapestries and heirlooms.


At Dekker Custom Picture Framing we know how important your items and the look of your home or business are to you.

We provide expert advice on options for art framing in Wollongong so as to best preserve your items, present them in the most suitable, fashionable and beautiful ways and to help you ensure that they will look good on your walls with your decor.


At Dekker Custom Picture Framing we stock a range of exciting products. We have traditional and understated frames, ornate frames and a host of artistic and creative products and materials for you to have fun with.

All of our products and materials are chosen for quality, durability and aesthetics.